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There is HOPE for the future.

The Duncanville Prayer Initiative is a movement to nourish and encourage prayer in ourselves and our community. Our intention is to foster the tools needed to incorporate intentional prayer into our everyday lives. This is an effort led by six Duncanville churches. Our desire for this website is for you to feel encouraged, be uplifted by prayer testimonials, and engage in community conversations about prayer at any of the six churches. The dates and locations of the Community Prayer Conversations, which will take place early in 2020, will be listed soon.


This website is also a place to share your prayer requests, and then, should you so desire, share a praise when you receive an answer. Please click on the "Prayer Requests" page to submit your request.


Read through the resources available here to learn more about prayer and how to pray. Connect with others through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and Sunday worship services at the church of your choice. Visit our Contact Us page for more information on the six churches. Let's make Duncanville the City of Champions who Pray!

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